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Left Bank Media is a New York-based media company with strong international ties. The parent company to Left Bank Magazine, Chez Nous Guide, and Chez Nous Studio, Left Bank Media surfaces the work of artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs on an international scale.

Inspired by the 1920’s Left Bank in Paris, where Picasso, Hemingway, and Gertrude Stein would create and collaborate, Left Bank Media has made—and continues to make—a global impact within the intersection of content and community. We initially began as a small, Brooklyn blog—Left Bank Magazine—in 2014, before establishing an LLC in 2018 and expanding into the company you know and love today. Across Left Bank Media, our brands work hard to drive equity and representation across industries, unite artists and entrepreneurs, and empower our community to achieve creative and professional fulfillment. 

Left Bank Media and our brands have been featured in Forbes, The Guardian, AdHoc, Refinery29, Fast Company, Popdust, Audiofemme, and more. Our Founder is recognized in Forbes Next 1000 and is a member of the exclusive collective of impact-driven entrepreneurs, Dreamers & Doers.



International culture magazine focusing on music, art, film, and words

Left Bank Magazine is an international print and digital publication that covers independent and primarily undiscovered artists. We take curation seriously—searching the globe for the best emerging talent across music, art, film, and literature.

Left Bank reaches its international audience across the website, YouTube channel—which was the platform for the 2020 5-day virtual music festival Left Bank Live (featured in The Guardian, Audiofemme, and Popdust)—and social media.

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Online directory and travel guide featuring people of color, women, and LGBTQIA+ owned businesses and organizations around the world.

Established in June 2020 during the resurgence of Black Lives Matter and the increase in small business support during the Covid-19 pandemic, Chez Nous Guide (French for our home) is a volunteer-run inclusive and intersectional directory for businesses, artists, and organizations owned and run by historically-marginalized people and their allies. The site is dedicated to amplifying voices that have been—and continue to be—silenced by society.

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Chez Nous reaches its international audience across the website, Chez Nous Podcast, and its growing network of diverse founders.

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Fast Company

“Chez Nous is an absolutely beautiful website that is “a volunteer-run inclusive and intersectional home for businesses, artists, and organizations owned and run by historically marginalized people around the world and our allies.”


Brooklyn-based outlet Left Bank Magazine is hosting a mass live performance series featuring far too many amazing artists to list here. For five days, they’ll be streaming twelve hours of live music, starting March 17th at 11AM and going all the way through the 22nd.


On Chez Nous Guide’s website, you’ll find city guides as well as listings in a wide variety of categories. Sounds like a great idea, right? … we chatted with Potter about her journey to bring Chez Nous Guide to life, her biggest business challenges so far, and what being a small business means to her. 

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